v Banket(10)OKO



Banket and Ostrava Kamera Oko International Film Festival - two initiatives based in Ostrava are joining forces to celebrate 10th anniversary of existence. Besides film screenings, Ostrava Kamera Oko has been organizing workshops and music events for ten years now. Banket, being part of the music programme, celebrates 10th SEQUEL of its dance music nights series. Anniversary is always a nice opportunity for a little throwback. In case of Banket it is going back to its roots, which means bass music all night long. Therefore we are happy to welcome SBSTRD from Prague who embodies exactly what bass music means to us. Support by AVB djs DLKT, Lednicka, Moskalus.

Besides being a dj SBSTRD has been producing his own music for almost ten years. His production follows a broken beat continuum spanning through various dance music genres regardless of their limits. From his drum’n’bass influenced beginnings SBSTRD has moved his production and sets towards percussive sound embracing elements of jungle, juke, Jersey club, instrumental grime and other genres placed somewhere between 130-170 bpm. Since at least part of AVB crew has walked similar path as regards music, alternating music selection for the night in order to follow the broken beat continuum is going to be a joy. Come to check all the different forms the continuum can take.

After more than a year Banket is back in the premises of the former Bauhaus store in Ostrava city centre currently used by City gallery PLATO. For AVB crew it means white walls which are ideal for projections and other visuals. That means we can guarantee proper VJing after a while.