v Banket(11)@Provoz Hlubina

Banket(11)@Provoz Hlubina


Rewind <>> forward, we’re back at Hlubina not to look back but to move forward. Following the same logic, we decided to utilise unusually favourable circumstances when Ol-Wiz and Petit, two Prague-based djs originally from Ostrava, will be back in town at the same weekend when our party and we invited them to play for you and for us. New names occurred also among the supporting djs. Besides duo of Banket residents DLKT & Flu we are happy to introduce young AVB blood Toss and Viscount who decided to start djing again after a long break. Moreover, VJs part of our AVB crew is planning some revolutionary visuals which are supposed to be completely out of this world. Even the rest of the crew has no idea what they are going to look like. It seems like the last Banket in 2018 should have all to be that kind of night when one step back < means two stepz forward>>

Music selection should not leave this techno/bass/house/breakz framework all of us have been enjoying so much lately. The party is going to take place on the second floor at Provoz Hlubina above the Maryčka café. That means one of the basic principles of Banket, which is changing party venues for every single gig, holds. We can also promise some vegetarian/vegan food so it won’t be necessary to leave or to order takeaway to get some. Nah, none of that. We’ve got you covered.