v Banket(11)@Provoz Hlubina

Banket(12)@Felix Atelier


During the past year we have brought you mostly deeper and darker music selection. Since the spring is about to come we decided it is time we changed it. Our next party is taking place at the Felix Atelier hairdresser’s saloon at the main square. The venue itself asks for some more cheerful stuff deployed at the dancefloor. So this time we agreed to infuse the line up with house music. Although it can take many forms which we are not fond of, there are still names whose grasp of the genre is just on the button. Our main guest, Prague-based Dj Sta, is one of them.

Influences shaping his early years of djing are partly similar to those which have formed our AVB crew. In 2006 it all started with drum’n’bass. First dnb nights organized in Prague followed as well as creation of Sta’s own label called Zenith Music. Around 2013 more house and techno tracks emerged in sets mixed by Sta’s favourite producer Rockwell, which inspired him to discover producers like Joy Orbison, Boddika, Blawan or Jon Convex, who played a key role in shaping bass music at its very start. From the huge number of sub-genres born by the emergence of bass music, Sta favoured deep, jazzy and lo-fi house which he has been playing ever since. Besides djing, he also organizes club series called Deep Beat Avantgarde in Cross club (Prague) which has brought some of the essential names for bass/house music including Glenn Astro, Chaos in the CBD, French Fries, Trevino, Endian, Coni, Loefah, Paleman, Bambounou, ALeqs Noal, Or:la and many more. As a dj, Sta has also toured some European cities with influential dance music scenes, like London, Paris, Berlin and Vienna. So we are more than convinced that, as our main guest, he is going to fit into the line-up for our next gig just fine. On support duties you can expect usual AVB suspects DLKT, Flu, Moskalus, Toss and Lednicka plus WZ (Harmless Youth) who we are happy to welcome back after some time.

You can expect very unusual party venue for our Banket series. White walls of the saloon, decorated with flower patterns and ornaments, are ideal for various visuals which make an essential part of our Banket nights. Besides music, come and check what AVB VJs have to offer.

Dj Sta