v Banket(13)@COKAFE



Another gig from Banket audio-visual party series is coming back to Hlubina where the whole thing began. Regardless of that, the organizers gathered under the Audio_Video_Bass crew remain committed to the main idea of variability meaning something is going to be new, something is going to be different, as usual. The notion follows the organizers' need to reflect Ostrava's dispersed urban structure full of empty spaces by turning them into party venues. Changing party venues shape also the music selection of the series which embraces different music genres resembling Persian rug from the cover image.

Persian rug may nicely serve as an analogy for bass music which once again has been chosen to set the tone of the whole night. This multi-genre field resembles Persian carpet in the way it absorbs many different elements of various genres and binds them together using massive subs dubstep brought us more than 10 years back. Just like Persian weavers who are able to incorporate many different patterns using their distinctive style and aesthetics.

Unambiguously ambiguous essence of bass music may not fit everyone yet Prague-based dj STEP BY STEP seems to grasp it just right so we are glad to give her the headliner spot to show us her take on the multi-genre category. On support duties expect familiar crew of AVB residents this time consisting of DLKT, Flu, Moskalus and Toss.Visual side of the event, which plays the same role as the music played throughout the whole night, is going to be managed by Vjs ABUTTUBA and Epix. Their AVB workshop has been running 24/7 lately so be sure to expect something special.

Finally the venue itself. In contrast to previous gigs at Hlubina, this time Banket is moving to wooden terrace of CO KAFE Dolní Vítkovice which unlocks new options not only for stage design but more importantly for sound. Because compared to pavement or concrete, wood is always going to be next level bro.