One year ago we were forced to put our parties to halt due to cold weather as we didn’t have any place indoors where we could move to during the cold months. This time we’re not planning to wait for another six months for the weather to get warmer so we’re moving indoors.

In a way we’re again bringing the party to a new venue like in several previous cases. This time we’ve chosen the Brick House space which is part of the Old bathhouse building at Hlubina, Dolni Vitkovice. Besides other things the indoor space gives us new opportunities to work with visuals.

As the group of people getting involved in our parties is growing, you can expect new names among DJs and VJs as well. Our guests Vanvega and TRAVISCOM supported by the local crew (DLKT, Flu, Moskalus) are going to show you their own take on deep-tech (Vanvega) and tech-house (TRAVISCOM). Make sure to check them out as well as NELA BARTOVA for the VJs group who will perform her visuals at Banket for the first time accompanied by AVB residents Epix and Abuttuba.